Benefits of the TERMO-CLIC heating pad for the back, neck and shoulders

The advantages of the THERMO-CLIC technology

THERMO-CLIC is a Quebec company specializing in thermotherapeutics pads. Our various products will suit your needs perfectly in terms of comfort. Especially designed for the different areas of your body, each product possesses unique characteristics that allow them to completely cover the target area with maximum efficiency. Whether to soothe muscle pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps, to keep you warm or just to relax, THERMO-CLIC takes care of you in less than 2 seconds!

Experiencing muscle pain?

Its enveloping warmth comforts you!

Experiencing joint pain?

Its design fits your joints perfectly!

Having menstrual cramps?

Place it on your stomach, the heat will soothe you!

Going camping?

Use it to warm up your sleeping bag!

Going hunting?

Stay warm while waiting for your new trophy!

Going skiing?

Avoid frostbite!

Going fishing fishing?

Enjoy the moment!

You would like to have a source of portable heat when it's cold?

THERMO-CLIC is what you need!

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